The Best Pet Door Solution for Renters is the Temporary Pet Door

The best pet door solution for renters is the temporary pet door. Temporary pet door inserts can be installed in patios or windows (sash or side sliding).

The temporary pet door may be the best option for a renter who does not want to permanently alter their house or apartment. Other benefits of the temporary pet door are that they are easy to install, easy to remove and still give the freedom a removable dog door provides.

A pet door insert or dog door for sliding patio door is a great option.  Cat inserts for sliding patio doors are also available.  The Security Boss patio insert is a secure, insulating solution.  The removable pet door insert for sliding patio doors is easy to install, can be secured using a brace bar and is easily removed to take with you when you move.  This makes the Security Boss patio insert one of the top dog doors for renters.

If you would rather use a window for your cat door, cat window inserts are available for sash and side sliding windows.  The Security Boss side sliding window insert is a great temporary option just as easily installed and removed as the cat door for sliding doors.  This cat window option is also secure and insulated.  If you have sash type windows, you can use the Security Boss sash insert as your cat window.  They have all of the great benefits of the temporary pet door options mentioned above.

The Security Boss line of dog doors for sliding patio doors and cat inserts for patio doors include the SB Standard insert and the MaxSeal Insulated patio pet door insert.  Similarly, the cat window options include the SB Standard side sliding window pet door and the MaxSeal Sash pet door.  The options for sash window cat doors also come in the SB Standard and MaxSeal Insulating options.  Dogs can also use the side sliding and sash window pet doors if the window is low enough to the ground or you use a step or ramp options for ease of entry.