Security Boss® Dog Doors...'Best by Design'

SB72 Insulating Dog Doors for Walls

The SB72 is a more durable, rugged version of the popular MaxSeal pet doors by Security Boss. They are a superior sealing and insulating door, as well as the most secure when locked. Only the finest materials are use in the manufacture of the MaxSeal doors by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC.

SB72 models are designed to be maintained forever. This is the last pet door you will need to purchase for your dog. All components are manufactured so that the customer can easily replace, upgrade, or maintain all the main components.

The SB72 was designed specifically for two groups of customers:

1. Customers who lock their dogs OUTSIDE and have experienced chewing problems
2. Customers living in the extreme northern climates where temperatures get below -40 degrees farenheit.

Rugged...Built Tough

This model features an insulated rigid flap that is clad on both sides with aluminum and reinforced with rugged aluminum framing channel. The quiet swing action makes this ideal for use in your home. The exterior flap has been designed to perform in harsh or extreme environments. The door components are all high grade aluminum that is naturally rust resistant. The heavy duty internal hinge is stainless steel, housed in custom brass bushings. Our insulated flap is comprised of an inner polycarbonate, air cell center that is clad in aluminum, and reinforced with customized framing on all sides. Embedded rare earth magnets along the bottom of the flap and bottom framing align to provide for positive closing every time. Replaceable weather stripping lines all sides of the swing door frame. The swing motion of the door is easy to use but not recommended for toy breeds or cats.

Note: Very small dogs have used this door, but we recommend that the toy breeds avoid this product, also not recommended for cats.

SB72W Model Size and Dimensional Data

Wall Models
Pet Opening
Rough Cut
Ext. Frame
9″ x 12″
11″ x 13 11/16″
12 3/8 x 15 1/16
11″ x 16″
13″ x 17 11/16″
14 3/8 x 19 1/16
11″ x 20″
13″ x 21 11/16″
14 3/8 x 23 1/16
Wide Tall
15″ x 20″
17″ x 21 11/16″
18 3/8 x 23 1/16
15″ x 24″
17″ x 25 11/16
18 3/8 x 27 1/16

Note: The Black Security Panel has a Black interior as shown above, the exterior is white to reflect sunlight and heat.
The White Security Panel is White on both sides.

Where to Buy

If you would like to contact a local Installer of Security Boss Pet doors please click here to see our nationwide listings.
If you do not see an installer for your area call Moore Pet Supplies and they will locate someone in your area.