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SB Standard Side Sliding Window Insert Best Utility Model

The SB Standard Side Sliding Window Pet Door by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC combines both the function and aesthetics that are lacking in current utility side sliding window inserts. There are 6 height ranges that will fit most window door heights. The top of the SB Standard Side Sliding Window has an adjustable spring loaded top that can be locked-down for security. Locking the extension into place will prevent someone from compressing the extension from the outside and gaining access to your home.

The top of the Security Boss Side Sliding Window Inserts are specially designed for the addition of snap on extensions that lock tight when in place. Each extension adds 2 inches to the overall window insert height. Adding two will result in an overall height adjustment range of 7.25 inches. These extensions are rock solid when snapped together and require NO TOOLS or DRILLING.

The SB Standard Utility Pet Door comes in 4 sizes, accommodating the majority of breeds on the market.

Panel Widths
Extra Large

Where to Buy

If you would like to contact a local Installer of Security Boss Pet doors please click here to see our nationwide listings.
If you do not see an installer for your area call Moore Pet Supplies and they will locate someone in your area.