Custom Made to Replace French Door Glass Panes

MaxSeal®French Door Pet Door

MaxSeal® French Doors for pets are made to order to fit the opening created by your existing panes of  glass.  You can replace one or more panes of glass to make room for a pet door. Some customers even will enlarge the opening by cutting into the side or footer of the door.

These doors are ordered based on the opening that they will be installed into. If you are replacing one pane of glass, simply measure the exposed glass as you see it; (This will be the opening that the pet door is installed to). If you want a larger pet door than the size panes in your door, simply measure the opening you will have (more than one pane or larger due to cutting into the side or bottom of door).

The MaxSeal® French doors can be removed at a later time to re-install the pane of glass if you wish (excluding those that cut into the door itself). Flaps are replaceable and the door has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Where to Buy

If you would like to contact a local Installer of Security Boss Pet doors please click here to see our nationwide listings.
If you do not see an installer for your area call Moore Pet Supplies and they will locate someone in your area.