Best security pet doors 2021

Have you been searching for the Best security pet doors in 2021, but are being met with nothing but cheap, plastic, and easily
broken options? Look no further, Security Boss Manufacturing makes the best security dog doors on the market, hands
down! We offer quality pet doors for a wide variety of applications including doors, walls, glass, sliding patio doors, sash windows,
French doors, and more.

Security Boss pet doors are hand crafted by professionals who ensure that each one hold up to high
standards for insulation, durability, function, and of course visual appeal. They come in a wide range of
sizes to fit as small as a Chihuahua and as large as a Great Dane.

The SB standard door and wall mount is the flagship and least expensive option. These Standard Dog Doors are only available with a single vinyl flap and the locking panel is made of a durable sheet of HDPE plastic. The MaxSeal line is the best option on the market, providing the best
insulation and security found in a pet door. They’re available in single or dual flap options, and sport a triple layer plastic and
alumicore locking security panel, making this door nearly indestructible and impenetrable! This line of Security Boss dog doors also has a Professional version, The MaxSeal PRO dog door for walls and door, adding metal hinges into the flaps which makes the flaps last longer and a professional 1″ thick aluminum panel with insulating foam core that replaces the composite HDPE/Aluminum security panel found in the regular MaxSeal.

We also offer dog doors that temporarily install into your patio slider door or window (sash and side sliding) as well. The patio inserts consists of a large aluminum frame that fits onto the track that your patio door slides on, which still allows your patio slider to open and close (this temporary pet door will only take up a portion of your patio door opening). Side Sliding Widow Inserts are essentially miniature versions of patio inserts, only designed for your window. Sash Window Cat Doors fit horizontally into your sash window, making it easily inserted and removed within a minute!

If you have any trouble finding the right product, an installer, or measuring your pet, give us a call and one of
our friendly customer service representatives will make sure you get the perfect door for you.
Security Boss Manufacturing is proud to sell the best pet doors by design and the Best security pet doors 2021!

MaxSeal PRO Pet Door for Walls
MaxSeal PRO Dog Door for Doors
MaxSeal Insulated Patio Pet Door Insert for Sliding Patio Doors