Through the Glass Dog Door

SB Standard IN-Glass Pet Door

Pet Door Model

Security Boss Manufacturing is proud to introduce the SB Standard In-Glass pet door for sliding glass doors and full panel glass doors. This model has the same features as the SB Standard Door Mount Pet Door, being our highest rated utility, economy pet door. This unit is specially made with a low profile exterior frame for installation in a sliding glass door. This dog door can be installed on single pane glass, dual pane glass, triple pane glass as well as commercial grades.

Choose from 4 different sizes and 2 different frame color options. You can even order your interior frame a different color from your exterior frame at no additional charge. You can maintain all parts on the SB Standard doors so that you will never need to buy or replace the door. You can always keep your dog door functioning perfectly for the life of your pet! Security Boss builds your door as ordered so that you can choose from the greatest variety of options and features.

The exterior frame of the In-Glass SB Standard Pet Door is a specially made, very low profile design that allows your sliding door to glide past the exterior frame of the pet door.

A specialized adapter is included to allow proper fitting on all glass thickness and types.

Using 1″ Adapter
Fits glass 1/4″ to 13/16″ thick

Using 1/2″ Adapter
Fits glass 7/8″ to 1 1/2″ thick

Where to Buy

If you would like to contact a local Installer of Security Boss Pet doors please click here to see our nationwide listings.
If you do not see an installer for your area call Moore Pet Supplies and they will locate someone in your area.