Security Boss® Manufacturing is dedicated to providing the very best Pet Products you can find anywhere. Our mission is to provide the very best value; in design as well as economy for high quality products. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance existing products as well as bring to market newer and better designed products.

We encourage any and all feedback from the public. If you would like to contact Security Boss®, please do so via e-mail as this allows us to focus on doing what we do best best…design and build.

We have recently put up a distribution and dealer support site at This site is designed to augment our authorized dealers as well as customers who wish to purchase directly from the manufacturer. As of now are personnel are devoted to designing and building pet door products. We do have a ticket system in place on that site that we will answer as soon as possible, certainly during the day each day.

For Premium Sales Expertise and any issues you may have that require additional customer support, please contact Moore Pet Supplies LLC at 1-800-829-7876… They are our designated staff and product support. Their pet door experience is unsurpassed and unequaled.

For immediate issues please feel free to call us at 608-397-1562.

Pet Door Installation Services

If you are looking for professional installation of a pet door we do have a national listing of authorized Security Boss Dealers. This listing can be also very useful if you are looking at having a pet door installed into glass, as this process requires an installer with experience. If you would like to view our Installer listings posted on our distributor site please click here.

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