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Kennel Clad® Bite Guard

The Cable Bite Guard was designed by Security Boss® to be universally adaptable to any guillotine kennel dog door. Cable damage from resident dogs can be problematic. Some Guillotine door models have built in slide in panels, but can be an expensive EXTRA that many facilities tend to overlook. The Cable Bite Guard was designed to be a universal solution for ANY Guillotine dog kennel door system.

How the Bite Guard Cable Protector Works

The Kennel Clad® Bite Guard is made to span the width of the guillotine door and rails and attach directly to the wall. This protective cover keeps destructive resident dogs from chewing the cable at the point where it attaches to the door. Installation is easy and requires 4 screws. There are two standard sizes made, but custom models can also be made for wider kennel doors, such as found in government facilities. The Bite Guard is fabricated with tough 20 gauge aluminum and folded to protect any jumping dog from injury. The height is 20 inches to provide protection from even the tallest dogs.

Cable Bite Guard
Cable Bite Guard- view
Cable Bite Guard- view

Cable Bite Guards

can be mounted on ANY
Guillotine kennel door system
  protecting door cables from chewing damage and constant replacement.
Kennel Clad Cable Bite Guard - view
Kennel Clad Cable Bite Guard - view
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