Vinyl Hinged Kennel Door

4-Sided Exterior Professional

4-Sided Exterior Professional Specifications

  • State of the Art Flap Connection and Motion
  • Nylon reinforced flap for added durability and strength
  • Heavy duty frame extrusion – strongest in the industry of any framed dog door
  • Steel Alnico Magnets line both side of flap for perfect closure every time
  • Steel angle reinforcements and perfectly mitered joints Keep frame sturdy
  • “Easy Replace” flap connections…no need to disassemble door to replace flaps
  • Color options available

The 4-Sided Exterior Professional Kennel Doors by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC® is designed to kennel operators who might house high energy animals or the sometimes larger than normal dog. The uniqueness is in the flap connection. A heavy duty hinge affixes the flap to the aluminum pet door frame. This hinge allows free 180 degree motion. A customized weather sealer runs along the length of the hinge to minimize any drafts. The result is that the potential pinch point of ordinary flap connection is eliminated. This means that flaps will last longer and accompany frequent use and allow for larger animals to use the door without degrading the flap.

Each 4-Sided Exterior Professional door is built with heavy duty aluminum frames that house powerful alnico magnets and weather stripping. The flap attachment along with the closing action resulting from the magnetic contact points provides a positive seal or weather barrier to the outside. The flap itself is weatherized and features an embedded nylon cord that helps with structural integrity of the flap.

Wall penetrations can vary greatly from facility to facility. Therefore our doors are custom made to the required dimensions.

For Optimal performance use the Security Boss Guillotine Kennel Doors with the 3-Sided Exterior Doors

Where to Buy

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