Superior Sealing / Insulating, Security Pet Door

MaxSeal® Door Mount Pet Doors

by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

The MaxSeal® Door Model pet door is available in dual or single flap versions. The dual flap model is recommended for customers seeking an ultimate weather barrier for their home. Single flap models are commonly used in scenarios where an insulating barrier is not required.

The MaxSeal pet doors® are the best sealing & insulating doors, as well as, the most secure when locked off. We often remark that the MaxSeal® is the only door we would feel comfortable with in our home if we were on vacation, or away from home for any length of time. If you have had experience with any other pet door in the past, you will quickly see that the superior performing MaxSeal® will pay for itself in energy savings, while providing the most security.

The Best Pet Door by DesignTM

Only the finest materials are used in the manufacture of the MaxSeal® doors by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC. This craftsmanship is backed up with a 6 year warranty. MaxSeals® are designed to be maintained forever. This is the last pet door you will need to purchase for your dog. All components are manufactured so that the customer can easily replace, upgrade, or maintain all the main components. The structural integrity of the door and security panel are protected under warranty so that you will always have a superior performing product for the life of your pet.

6 Year Full Warranty - Includes Flaps

Some Quick Product Info

The MaxSeal® door model will fit all residential doors that are 1 1/4″ to 2″ thick. The two frames of the MaxSeal® door will sandwich the cut opening and then screw together, this install design means that you do not need to put screws into the frame of the pet door that sink into the surface of your door. It is a cleaner and more professional installation. Our doors are made upon order, this allows us to offer the maximum amount of variations to make this the perfect pet d oor for your home. If you need something not specified, call us and we will see make every attempt provide a solution. While we offer a single or dual flap version, we recommend the dual flap as it will provide the sealing and insulating quality we boast of. Our flaps are the best in the industry and will last. Optional High Wind magnets are available for customers who live in extremely windy areas. These optional magnets will create a wind proof seal.

Frame Color Options

Product Technical Specifications

Product Installation Instructions

Where to Buy

If you would like to contact a local Installer of Security Boss Pet doors please click here to see our nationwide listings.
If you do not see an installer for your area call Moore Pet Supplies and they will locate someone in your area.