RFID Tag Activated | Controls Access Both Directions | Raccoon Proof

SB Super Selective Side Slide Window Insert

Includes 2 Collar Tags

The Elite Super Selective Side Sliding Window Insert features a cat door that is triggered by a RFID collar tag your cats wears. The cat door controls access in both directions, so this is a great option for customers who wish to selectively allow some cats outdoors while keeping others inside.

A timer is built into the unit that aallows you to set the time that the door can be used by your cat. You can program up to 8 cats and a LCD display lets you know if your cat(s) are inside or outdoors.

The Super Selective model locking mechanism locks in a manner that raccoons cannot lift upward on the flap to gain access. This locking method makes this model Raccoon proof.

Security Boss Side Sliding Window Inserts allow customers to easily insert and remove the window insert so that you can retain the full use of your sliding window opening if you choose.

Elite Super Selective Cat Door Models
All models have 6″wx6″h opening

Super Selective

  • Program up to 8 cats
  • LCD shows cat location IN/OUT
  • Timer when can be used
  • LCD Battery Status
  • Comes with 2 collar tags

Inserts are available in WHITE only

Where to Buy

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