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Doors 4Pets and People

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About Us

In 1999, we purchased our golden retriever named Jasmine. As she began to grow, we looked around at pet stores and home improvement centers for options to provide her outdoor access.
Much to our dismay, there were only a few options available. We chose a storm door to put a pet door in and soon discovered we were limited to height of the pet door placement under the window.

In 2003, we became dedicated and committed to develop and market unique products that would be sensitive to the needs of homeowners and their pets. Utilizing our background in engineering and construction;
we set our mission around our two PET P’s:

1. Pet Products – to give your pet access to come and go.

2. Pet Products – that will not depreciate the value of your home.

Today, we have that unique pet product line and brand. Our products are changing the options for homeowners that are committed to making their pet a part of the family.

We do not believe in pet door products that are One Size Fits All. Therefore, we will always place the right size, brand and model pet door at the right shoulder height for your pet.

In other words . . . . . “We Make Custom Easy” by giving you a Choice.
A better pet door is the whole door with a pet door built in.