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The Best Pet Doors by Design

SB Standard
Sash Window Pet Door

Single flap Pet Door | Single Pane Glass | Rated Best Utility

SB Standard sash window dog and cat doors SB Sash Window Pet Door Features The SB Standard Window Pet Door by Security Boss Manufacturing offers the very best priced utility pet door for sash windows. Each unit features tempered safety glass and an adjustable, spring loaded end for easy install and removal. You have the choice of the pet door being located on the left or the right side as you view the window from inside your home.

Each unit comes standard with a security panel that locks into place over the pet door. The SB Standard window inserts are made with heavy duty aluminum framing so that your purchase will last you for many years. Even the pet door is made from quality components that allow you to keep it in it's optimum working condition indefinitely.

The sash window pet doors are commonly used for both cats and dogs. The clear, flexible vinyl flap is pet friendly, yet provides a protective barrier to the outside.

Inserts are available in WHITE only

SB Standard Sash Window Pet Door for Dogs & Cats

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