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[photo] Animate Rotary 4-Way Locking Door used in Sash Unit

Rotary 4-Way Locking
Sash Window Pet Door

Designed for Cats | Single Pane Glass | Animate

4-Way Locking Cat Door

The Rotary 4-Way Locking cat door with single pane window sash by Security Boss Manufacturing features a 4-Way Locking manually controlled cat door. This locking feature is a common favorite with cat owners as they can set the door to allow the cat inside and keep them in

The 4 manually controlled settings are:
1. Open in both directions
2. Locked Exit - Allows cat inside
3. Locked Entry - Allows cat outside
4. Locked in Both directions

[photo] Animate Rotary 4-Way Locking Door used in Sash Unit
Easy-To-Use 4-Way Locking Feature
No Collar Tags or Microchip Required
Designed to Control Access by Manual Control

The flap on this cat door is constructed with a hard, clear tinted plastic, and features pile brush along the edges for creating a better seal. The sash window inserts are constructed of heavy duty aluminum framing so the window insert will look great and last for many years. Every component of this sash pet door is completely replaceable and maintainable for life. This will be the last window sash pet door you will have to purchase.

Inserts are available in WHITE only

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