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Security Boss Dog Bed

The Dog Bed

Ultimate Pet Bed for Dogs

Mini Model
24"w x 35"l
28"w x 45"l
36"w x 49.5"l

The Dog Bed has been designed to be be a rugged, long lasting bed for your dog. The aluminum construction lends it to be naturally rust resistant. The bed surface has an underlying aluminum sheet, covered with a high impact resistant ABS cover. Choose between two different fleece designs to add a comforting cover. These fleece pads are customized to fit each dog bed with adjustable nylon straps on each corner that hook under each leg to keep the fleece securely on the bed platform. Soft, pliant rubber feet protect your floors form scratches and minimizes the bed from movement.

Security Boss Dog Bed These beds are commonly the bed of choice for both residential pets as well as commercial kennels, dog daycare facilities, and shelters. The rugged design is a favorite among shelter and daycare facilities since they last in these more trying environments. The fleece covers are easily washed and reused to maintain sanitary conditions as well as being laundered as kennel occupants change in boarding facilities.

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