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The Best Pet Doors by Design

[photo] Benefits of the Security Boss Patio Pet Doors

Animate Electronic
In a Security Boss Side Sliding Window Insert

Single Pane Glass | Electro-Magnetic Cat Door | Controls Entry Access

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC now offers the Animate Electronic Side Sliding Window Pet Door as an option for side sliding windows. This Animate Electronic door provides allows access for pets wearing the lightweight magnetic collar tags (for dogs or cats). This Animate Electronic pet door will prevent stray cats from entering your home, but will not prevent any pets from exiting out through the pet door. The popular 4-way locking mechanism is included to control access in only, out only, completely locked or unlocked.

[photo] Benefits of the Security Boss Patio Pet Doors When measuring for the window track height, you will measure from the very bottom inside track, to the very top inside track. Be sure to measure the overall height of the top track lip to ensure the window insert will contract and expand up into your window track. If you would like assistance, please call us at 1-800-829-7876

All Security Boss Side Sliding Window models are temporarily installed. This allows customers to easily insert and remove the side sliding window insert, so that you can retain the full use of your sliding windows if you choose.

Inserts are available in WHITE only

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