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Insulated Guillotine Dog Kennel Doors

[photo] insulated panel kennel door

Introducing the only insulated overhead guillotine dog kennel door on the market. The unique layered panel design provides for optimal insulation and greater strength than conventional kennel doors.

Commercial and Residential Kennels

The Insulated Guillotine kennel door is not only popular in commercial settings but is a necessity for the residential (homeowner) private kennel. Security Boss® has designed the side channels of the guillotine door to work with both the insulated panels as well as the standard panels. This is a huge benefit for kennel owners who may want to start out with the standard panel design, and then upgrade to the insulated panels. No need to change or reorder the side channels, they work with either panel.

Insulated Guillotine Door Features

[photo] insulated panel cross section

The Security Boss® Insulated Guillotine kennel door is a layered design which is comprised of an air-cell interior that is reinforced with aluminum facing and then covered on both sides with tough, durable ABS. (Cross section shown on left).This layered design is fastened together by free floating rivets. The result is an incredibly strong, insulating panel that will drastically help with energy costs.

[photo] Top Cap of insulated guillotine kennel door

The very top of the insulated panel kennel door comes with a Top Cap that is a heavy duty, metal reinforced, vinyl channel that simply covers the very top of the panel. This vinyl cap not only finishes off the panel, but also acts as a gap filler, minimizing the gap that is between the wall and the panel itself.

[photo] views of side rail extrusion

The side rail channels used in the Security Boss® kennel doors is the heaviest, most durable extrusion on the market. Built and designed tough. The side channel is designed to work with both the standard 1/4" thick HDPE and the 1/2" insulated panel.

[photo] Standard Guillotine bottom seal closeup

Each Insulated Panel comes with a Bottom Cap that creates a perfect seal to the floor of the kennel. This cap is a metal reinforced attachment with a rubber bulb seal on the bottom. This is a replaceable item that will minimize energy loss.

[photo] kennel door included hardware

Each Security Boss® Insulated kennel door comes with all the necessary hardware to install and operate your kennel door from the exterior of the kennel area.

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