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Giant Breed Patio Insert

Big Dog Patio Insert for Sliding Glass Doors

[photo] Giant Breed Sliding Glass Door Insert [photo] Giant Breed Patio Pet Door Security Boss Manufacturing LLC now offers a patio insert sized for extra large to giant breed dogs for sliding glass doors. This unit will fit any sliding door system from height ranges of 70 inches up to 99 inches. The generous pet opening is 15" inches wide x 28" inches high. You can choose between 4 various step over rise options to elevate the pet opening to the correct height for your dog.

The rule to remember when sizing a pet opening for a dog is to allow 1.5-2" clearance above the dog's shoulders so that when the dog passes through the opening, they will not pinch the flap at the top. The step over rise should be easy to step over. It is always prudent to think of the dog's mobility as they age. Some breeds have more of a tendency for arthritis and hip problems.

[photo] Giant Breed Patio Insert for Sliding Glass Doors
Security Boss Patio Pet Doors allow customers to easily insert and remove the patio pet door so that you can retain the full use of your sliding door opening if you choose.
The overall width of this Security Boss Patio Pet Door will be approximately 20.5"
Step Over Rise Info:
2" Rise measures 3 3/4" off bottom unit
4" Rise measures 5 3/4" off bottom of unit
6" Rise measures 7 3/4" off bottom of unit
8" Rise measures 9 3/4" off bottom of unit

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