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Custom Exterior Dog Kennel Doors

[photo] Custom Exterior kennel dog doors

Security Boss® introduces another first in the dog door market; the Custom Exterior Flap dog kennel door. These custom made doors are fabricated to the dimension of your exterior rough cut dimension; providing you with the best insulating flap door that can be used in conjunction with an guillotine kennel door. Using the Custom Exterior flap door can drastically cut down on energy costs for every kennel operation. Built to withstand the constant activity of close quartered dogs, these flaps are nylon reinforced to give you long lasting wear. Of course, flaps are replaceable should you be fortunate enough to board the aggressive individual, however, the energy savings alone will compensate for any maintenance.

Designed Specifically for Dog Kennel Operations

These custom doors are designed so that the flap is 3/16" shorter than the side frames; this allows the flap to move freely back and forth allowing for any slight change in floor surface grade. Washing and spraying out the interior kennel or outside run is no problem either. These especially designed doors do not have a bottom cross piece that would hinder the normal cleaning associated with dog kennels.

[photo] flap magnet contact

Each Custom Exterior Door has several magnetic connection points on both sides of the flexible flap. These contact points consist of a steel contact plate that is riveted to the flap and a steel alnico magnet that is secured into the side channel of the frame. This magnetic contact is stronger than average pet doors. The result is a flap that snap back into the close position perfectly every time it is used. (Note: The larger the door, the more magnetic contact points there will be on each side. When flaps are replaced, the steel contact points on the flap are assembled when you receive your replacement flap)

[photo] flap attaching device

The flap for the Exterior Kennel door is attached by threaded thumbscrews that allow for easy installing, and replacement. Often pet doors need to be completely removed to replace flaps. The Security Boss® design allows you to replace flaps with a simple twist of the fingers.

Custom Exterior Kennel Door Specifications

  • Nylon reinforced flap for added durability and strength
  • Heavy duty frame extrusion - strongest in the industry of any framed dog door
  • Steel Alnico Magnets line both side of flap for perfect closure every time
  • Steel angle reinforcements and perfectly mitered joints Keep frame sturdy
  • "Easy Replace" flap connections...no need to disassemble door to replace flaps
  • Color options available
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