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Security Boss Patio Insert with Electronic door - single pane glass

PetSafe SmartDoor
In a Security Boss Patio Insert

Single Pane Glass | Electronic Dog Door

Keep Cat Indoors & Allow Dog Outside

[photo] SmartDoor  Patio Pet Door
Security Boss Manufacturing LLC now offers the SmartDoor Patio Pet Door as an option for sliding glass doors. This electronic door is perfect for customers who want to control the access of their dog and keep other animals from potentially using the door. This pet door is ideal for those who might have a dog that can go outside, but you want to keep the cat indoors. Only pets with a collar tag will activate this door. You can program the unit to work with up to 5 dogs.

Note: It is not recommended to be used with cats as the collar tag is too large for most cats.

When ordering this patio pet door pay particular attention to the rise options. You will want to measure your dog to the shoulders, and select an opening that will be elevated enough to clear the shoulders and yet still be easy for them to step through.

Security Boss Patio Pet Doors allow customers to easily insert and remove the patio pet door so that you can retain the full use of your sliding door opening if you choose.
The overall panel widths for these products are as follows:
SMALL - 11 13/16" wide
LARGE - 18 3/4" wide
Step Over Rise Info:
2" Rise measures 3 3/4" off bottom unit
4" Rise measures 5 3/4" off bottom of unit
6" Rise measures 7 3/4" off bottom of unit
8" Rise measures 9 3/4" off bottom of unit

Inserts are available in WHITE only

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